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This interactive phone and tablet application extends the reach, accessibility, and timeliness of the socio‐economic indicator data the Economic and Business Research Center (EBR) offers to the citizens of Arizona and the world. This phone and tablet application allows users to access real‐time data pertaining to Arizona, its counties and metro areas by data topic and by geography. This app is unique in that it offers detailed up‐to‐date time‐series data on Arizona and its communities in an interactive phone/tablet app format. This app is also unique in that it allows users to immediately compare Arizona statistics with comparable national statistics. Users may also customize the date range of interest for analysis in the graphical display, and also choose to display and analyze several standard series conversions for each measure, such as a percentage change or moving average. The depth, detail, and comparability of the data offered pertaining to Arizona by this app in this format is unique.
This app allows users to access 17 different types of data across 18 geographies from 12 different sources, including the ability to track and compare the data in context from their phone or tablet.
For 64 years, EBR has offered an in‐depth array of socio‐economic and demographic data focused on the State of Arizona, its metro areas, and its counties to the public via its websites:,,; and via its publications Arizona Review, Arizona’s Economy, Arizona Statistical Abstract, and Arizona Economic Indicators. This phone and tablet application is a natural and important extension of EBR’s mission to supply high quality data on Arizona to citizens to promote informed decision making in our region.